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Super beauty foods

- You are what you eat

Healthy, beautiful skin and optimum nutrition go hand in hand. Certain foods can help boost radiance and improve skin texture and tone.

One of the most frequently asked  questions is, "Why can’t I get all the vitamins and nutrients I need for beautiful skin from diet alone?"

In an ideal world, it may be possible, but lifestyles have changed, processed foods have become more commonplace and food nutrient values have declined through soil depletion, increasing the need for supplementation.

All IMEDEEN® skincare tablets contain naturally-based ingredients chosen for their synergistic anti-ageing effects, and have been clinically and scientifically proven to have a positive impact on skin condition.

Increase your quota of beauty foods with IMEDEEN´s age-defying beauty menu with exclusive recipes created by award-winning chef Guy Martin of Grand Vefour, Paris.