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See what goes on under your skin

To objectively track results with IMEDEEN skincare tablets, we use the dermascan - an ultrasound machine that measures levels of collagen, elastin and moisture retaining elements to give a dermal density reading. It is used on an area of skin about 12 mm wide and generates an image showing the quality and condition of the skin in the invisible dermal layer.

The images on the right have been taken from a 12 months-long dermatological study showing improvements in overall skin quality after 3 months and one year of IMEDEEN use.

The top black line depicts the outer layer of the skin, also called the epidermis. Below this is the supportive layer - the dermis. The scan shows various coloured elements, which represent the amount of collagen, elastin and moisture retaining elements present in the dermis. A high concentration and distribution of dark coloured elements indicates good skin condition and a low concentration indicates some form of UV or environmental damage.

Daily use of IMEDEEN skincare tablets have led to a higher concentration and distribution of dark coloured elements, which indicates a clear improvement inof the skin quality and density. The stronger, thicker black line indicates a better quality epidermis. The result is a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and softer, smoother and more beautiful looking skin.

Consumer studies show that IMEDEEN users have on average 30% better skin density than non-IMEDEEN users

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Scientific documentation

IMEDEEN tablets are tested in-vivo and in-vitro.

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