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"Skinsurance" that pays dividends

New scanning data confirms that women who use IMEDEEN skincare tablets have on average 30% better skin density than non- IMEDEEN users – whatever their age!

IMEDEEN skincare experts have been collecting consumer data on skin density using IMEDEEN´s Dermascan – a highresolution skin-imaging machine. As well as revealing hidden damage, an ultrasound scanning of the deep dermal layer gives an actual skin density measurement. This figure makes it possible to objectively track skin improvements with IMEDEEN internal skincare and compare data from regular users vs nonusers. An increased density measurement means improved levels of collagen, elastin and moisture retaining elements in the dermis. Statistical analysis confirms women who use IMEDEEN skincare tablets have on-average 30% better skin density than non-IMEDEEN users*.

Skin density decreases with age as stress, pollution and UV damage weaken the support matrix in the deep dermal layer. IMEDEEN skincare tablets work here – where creams can’t – boosting collagen and moisture levels to significantly increase density, improve structure and enhance skin’s overall appearance.

Gambling on good genes and a healthy lifestyle alone might seem an option. But as the chart on the left shows, supplementing your skincare routine with IMEDEEN tablets will ensure skin stays younger for longer – whatever your age. All IMEDEEN skincare tablets contain the exclusive Marine Complex, scientifically shown to prolong the life of skin cells by slowing down the natural ageing process. Specially formulated anti-oxidant complexes protect skin against environmental and UV damage.


95% of IMEDEEN users in their 30s had above average skin density readings compared to 56% of non IMEDEEN users. With age the skin density readings of non-IMEDEEN users decline significantly compared to IMEDEEN users whose skin remains consistently above average.