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The deep

Even though millions of years have passed since the first species emerged from the sea and crept up on land, all life - including human life - still originates in water. There is a close affinity between our cells and those we find in the living creatures of the sea and the ocean has proven to be a rich resource for skincare research. Nutrients from marine life can do much to improve the health and well being of our skin - and our appearance.

IMEDEEN’s exclusive Marine Complex¹ originates from the ocean and was the result of years of research into the natural regeneration capabilities of marine life and the likelihood of their having the same effect on human skin. Like the earth, our skin is mostly made up of water. Maintaining an optimal moisture balance is the key to smooth, healthy-looking skin. The supportive fibres and cells of the dermis swim in a highly hydrated gel-like matrix rich in glycosaminoglycans [GAGs]. These long chainlike molecules of polysaccharides have the ability to hold up to 1,000 times their own volume in water and are directly responsible for the skin’s suppleness, elasticity and moisture-binding capacity.

IMEDEEN’s exclusive Marine Complex is rich in proteins and GAGs similar to those found naturally in the skin’s supportive structure. Extensive clinical and scientific trials² have demonstrated how long-term use improves skin density, structure and moisture levels. The most recent study also confirmed that the Marine Complex slows down the natural ageing process of skin cells and stimulates not only collagen and elastin, but also laminin 322 – a protein essential for skin healing and the creation, proliferation and activation of skin cells. Skin will stay looking younger for longer - softer, smoother, more moisturized with a reduced visibility of lines, wrinkles, pigmentation spots and dilated capillaries.

The reason why IMEDEEN is still the world’s no. 1 internal skincare brand – oceans apart from the rest!

¹ The Marine Complex derives from a deep-sea fish, caught in clear, clean waters for normal consumption.´Only a specially selected part of the fish is used for further processing. Fresh water is the only solvent used. The Marine Complex does not originate from any threatened species and Ferrosan A/S has the sole rights to the Marine Complex worldwide.

² Clinical study by Dr M Kenawi, E, Clinical study by Dr F Heule, Netherlands, In-vitro study by Dr Odile Damour, France, Clinical study by Dr Thomas Stephens, USA, In-vitro study by Dr A. El Ghalbzouri, Netherlands