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When and how to use it

Are you a skincare saint or sinner?

1. Can I take IMEDEEN together with other antioxidants?

Yes, IMEDEEN skincare tablets are based on natural ingredients in doses that can be taken in combination with other vitamin and mineral supplements. It is suitable to include as part of your diet along with vitamins, health foods and other dietary supplements.

2. What should I do if I forget to take one, two or more tablets?

Don't worry - we recommend that you just continue taking the recommended dose of tablets per day. Try keeping IMEDEEN skincare tablets with your regular beauty products so it becomes an integral part of your skincare routine.

3. Can I take IMEDEEN while I am pregnant or breast feeding?

We recommend that pregnant and breast-feeding women, do not take any food supplements unless otherwise recommended by their doctor.

4. How should IMEDEEN be stored?

IMEDEEN skincare tablets are optimally protected in the aluminium foil packaging. For best results, leave the tablets in the original packaging until use. Store IMEDEEN skincare tablets in a dry, cool (below 25°C) place, away from children.

5. Do I have to take IMEDEEN with food?

We recommend taking IMEDEEN tablets with food or after food.